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Corfu nightlife

Top 5 nightlife ideas in Corfu

Corfu is a buzzing island day and night!

1. Old town: Open air bars, little meze tavernas (tsipouradika) and posh restaurants, you name it!

2. Beach bars: Open from early in the morning they serve coffee, light meals, and will organise beach parties over the weekends until the early hours.

3. Emporikon: This is the area just outside the centre of Corfu, off the port. All the bigger night clubs are there. Remember, if you visit too early this place will look empty. Locals go after their long dinner and drinks in the city’s bars, so basically the party starts after midnight or even later!

4. Tavernas: look out for traditional taverns which offer live Greek music during summer. Affordable entertainment and you might be lucky enough to see locals dancing to famous Greek tunes.

5. Panygiria: Local festivals. Grab a souvlaki, beer or corn on the hob and dance all night long!

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