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Top 5 local products in Corfu

1. Kumquat: Brought from Japan it is now ‘the’ local product to bring back with you. There’s liquer, preserved fruit,

Corfu beaches

Top 5 beaches in Corfu

Choosing between Corfu’s beaches is not an easy task. In general, the Western side of the island has magnificent long

Corfu villages

Top 5 picturesque villages

The countryside on the island is beautiful with amazing olive groves, and fantastic scenery.
1. Pelekas: This village is about


Corfu’s recent history

Corfu was under Venetian rule for 400 years. This is when buildings, monuments and other constructions were built, becoming the

Corfu in ancient history

Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek, is named after the Nymph Korkira, the daughter of the River God, Aesopos. According to