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Top 5 local products in Corfu

1. Kumquat: Brought from Japan it is now ‘the’ local product to bring back with you. There’s liquer, preserved fruit, jam available and all of them taste sooo good!

2. Extra virgin olive oil: Corfu’s olive groves have been famous for their high quality olives and oil for more than 500 years! Buy it in supermarkets or, even better, find local producers!

3. Ice cream: There are plenty of gellaterias in Corfu town offering locally produced, fresh ice cream in a number of flavours. You’ll be amazed to see tens of people queuing for an ice cream in hot summer evenings!

4. Local beauty products: Kumquat and Olive oil are rich in Vitamin C and E respectively so there are a number of local companies using them as a base for their beauty products!

5. Wine: There are many wineries that produce local varieties! Taste Kakotrigis if you like white or Petrokorintho for red!

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