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Top 5 flavours to taste in Corfu

Apart from the usuall Greek food, in Corfu you can try the following local dishes:

1. Ginger beer: This is not actually a beer but a locally produced fizzy drink!

2. Corfu beer: How about a pint of fresh locally produced beer? Yes, fresh! It can be consumed within 3 months of the production date and tastes amazing!

3. Sofrito: A garlic-sauce veal dish served with chips or rice. Yummy!

4. Pastitsada: The locals have pastitsada on special occasions! Veal or rooster in spicy red sauce served with pasta. Do not leave the island unless you try it!

5. Fresh fish: Found in all tavernas everyday! Try it grilled (with olive oil, lemon and oregano) or fried at unbeatable prices!

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